World of Warcraft Somepage Updater

The World of Warcraft Somepage Updater is a small program that we have made so you can help the website, by submitting generic data from World of Warcraft. This is the same method used by any other website that has a database of WoW information. The updater is completely safe to use, and runs on Windows XP and Vista; see below for the steps to use it.

Quick Overview

  • Step 1: Download the WoW Somepage Updater to your system.
  • Step 2: Run it when you aren't in game. (Optional: put your main character/forum name in the client if you want your uploads counted on the leaderboard below.) Click the Update and Upload Data button to upload data, and the Ok button for the two responses. Run the updater again every week or so.
  • Step 3: Profit! (Or at least, see your score grow!)

Full Instructions

First Time Installation
  • Download the WoW Somepage Updater -- right-click that link and select to Save it somewhere on your computer. You can save it to your desktop, your download folder, or wherever you like.
  • To make it easier to access, create a shortcut on your Windows desktop to wherever you saved the updater program. Put the shortcut next to your World of Warcraft icon, to easily find it.

Running the WoW Somepage Updater
  • Run the WoW Somepage Updater when you are not logged into WoW -- just double-click on the icon and the little window will come up. There is a box there where you can optionally put in the name you want to use, to submit data to our site. This name is only so that you get points on the leaderboard chart below; it has no other purpose. Use the name of your main character in game if you like, the name you use on the guild forums, or whatever name you wish to go by.
  • Click on the Update and Upload Data button, and an announcement window will pop up to tell you that the updater is getting ready to run. Click OK on that and wait. It will now do four things, that take 10-30 seconds depending on the speed of your internet connection:
    1. Update the updater itself, if you don't have the latest version. This makes sure you're always using the newest version of our updater.
    2. Install or update the Somepage addon. This addon collects data about the creatures, quests and objects you interact with, like: how much xp and reputation a quest gives; how much health and mana a creature has; what recipes can be learned from a trainer.
    3. Uploads the collected data from the Somepage addon. If you already have the addon running, the uploader takes that data and uploads it to our web servers.
    4. Uploads generic data files. The WoW client stores a little bit of data about every creature, item and other areas of the game that you come across. (You can see these files on your computer in the World of Warcraft\Cache\WDB\enUS directory.) The updater uploads a copy of some of that generic data.
  • Once it is done, the updater will give you the message, All Files Successfully Uploaded and Updated. Thank you. It is completely done at that point, and once you click Ok it will automatically close.

Updating Regularly
  • Please run the updater once a week, when you are not logged into WoW; you can run it more often if you like. Running it at least once a week ensures that the data you have collected actually gets to us.
  • A special day is patch day; whenever the WoW client patches to a new WoW version, it clears those cache files and starts them all over. When it is patch Tuesday, please run the WoW Somepage Updater before you run WoW, to make sure that all the data you collected is uploaded before it disappears!

Other Info
  • The data that you upload is processed on our web servers, and any new or updated data that we hadn't seen before is added to your total on the chart below (if you listed a name in the updater.)
  • Right now, it can take up to a few days from when you submit data, until the new data is reflected in the leaderboard. This will get faster as our systems are updated, in the future.
  • When you have WoW loaded, you can check to see that the Somepage addon is running, with the /sp command. This will give a brief bit of info about some of the data you have collected, that hasn't yet been uploaded to us.

Thank you for helping us gather this data!

September Uploads Leaderboard


WoW Data Total Uploads Leaderboard

Rank 4Kipp1669521352528141603289994120749287471
Rank 4Cattie85436263553272303026795255841368171754
Rank 4Vanthira975422864031362143357121559160158199
Rank 4Airaden77801234804832546410908203531760144567
Rank 4Anngie495612764029294588754120422408113039
Rank 4Holiday75886140151443190648219906250110997
Rank 3Dikadar575861076552613517295416522105897858
Rank 3Eflor473681322029192784721314434191391293
Rank 3Rebekah3371615360220526581073782108172938
Rank 3Methedras245879535291222853085167630544353
Rank 3Loki11757841576915033283697171733408
Rank 3Id20539538011903971702134828930840
Rank 2Maihem533011309391059259259022970
Rank 2Charbroil566000015810590017830
Rank 2Rolex58694235945274769430313016948
Rank 2Sammich8855307549788434514301715095
Rank 2Torch107200002140012860
Rank 2Maldrien6882176565753756322021110832
Rank 2Chappa272627701688105142513588368
Rank 2Gharris3402141011730213230808284
Rank 2Reiv4171000322707107208
Rank 2Crepto413711952818522156426744
Rank 2HolyGabriel506400000205084
Rank 1Hellzlight89810516011230128413570
Rank 1Mordsith12961200129116002588
Rank 1Morghannah12540000127802532
Rank 1Voltimort134725516010860702332
Rank 1Ardin1763000017301936
Rank 1Xekter8250000102101846
Rank 1Saiya2001500088601101