Mustard Dogs!

Fill the Empty Picnic Basket with 4 Rhino Dogs that you be cookin' with your skill and 4 Wild Mustard that you find in the grassy areas of Dalaran.

Bring the Picnic Basket to Archmage Pentarus at Krasus' Landing in Dalaran.
Provided Item:
 Empty Picnic Basket


  1. Obtain this daily Cooking quest at level 65+ with 350+ Cooking skill, from Awilo Lon'gomba in Dalaran.
  2. Cook up 4 Rhino Dogs. This takes 4 Rhino Meat, that can drop from Rhinos around Northrend.
  3. Look for the yellow Wild Mustard, found all around the grassy areas of Dalaran. Open them to obtain the required 4 Wild Mustard quest items.
  4. At a cooking fire, use the provided Empty Picnic Basket to combine all the items into the required Mustard Dog Basket.
  5. Go to Krasus' Landing in Dalaran. Talk to Archmage Pentarus to complete this daily Cooking quest. Note that this quest rewards 2 Dalaran Cooking Award, unlike the rest of the Cooking dailies which reward 1.


You will receive:

Other Rewards:
  • 195 reputation with Kirin Tor
  • Currency reward of 7 10 (or 12 40 50 at level 80)
  • experience