Flown the Coop!

Capture 12 Chicken Escapees for Elder Harkek.

If you lose Dajik's Worn Chalk, speak to Elder Harkek in Frenzyheart Hill.


  1. Go all around the Frenzyheart Hill to find the Chicken Escapee.
  2. You can have Dajik the Wasp Hunter out with you, to assist you. Use the Dajik's Worn Chalk to summon him if you need to. If you lose the chalk, just talk to Elder Harkek to get another one. (Note: if you wish to have a pet that heals you to do other quests in Sholazar Basin, you can keep Dajik around, and not turn in this quest until you have completed other quests in the zone.)
  3. Right-click on the Chicken Escapees to capture them; they run around quickly, so this can be difficult!. This is easiest when you can see their health bar, toggled with Control-V.
  4. You can use the supplied Chicken Net on the chickens to briefly stop them from moving around. If you have Dajik out, he will automatically use a net on any Chicken Escapee he comes near, making the quest much easier to complete.
  5. Talk to High-Shaman Rajak to complete this quest, and obtain one of the next two.


You will be able to choose one of these rewards:

Other Rewards:


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