Bringing Down the Iron Thane

Using the abilities of your War Golem, defeat Iron Thane Furyhammer, then return to Tormak the Scarred at Camp Oneqwah.


  1. Go southeast from Camp Oneqwah to Dun Argol around 74,54.
  2. Go all the way to the top of Dun Argol, into the large building at 75,62. (Note: If you have the disguise from Loken's Orders you can disguise yourself and walk/ride through Dun Argol without being attacked.)
  3. Take the elevator down to find Iron Thane Furyhammer and The Anvil, his guard. Clear the other dwarves around him before engaging him.
  4. Use the provided Golem Control Unit to summon your golem.
  5. Go near Iron Thane Furyhammer, and use key (2) for the EMP ability to remove the shield from around him. Attack him with the golem, and use key (1) whenever it is up. Move away from Furyhammer when he does his whirlwind, but otherwise attack in melee range. Use (2) again to remove his shield, whenever it goes up.
  6. Once Iron Thane Furyhammer is dead, you can stick around to kill The Anvil as well, or get on the elevator and run away. You can run in the golem suit and not take falling damage, so you can run all the way out of Dun Argol with it, and leave any attackers behind. Just be careful not to leave the golem suit while on the elevator, inside the building.
  7. Leave Dun Argol, and get out of the golem suit.
  8. Return to Camp Oneqwah. Talk to Tormak to complete this quest, and the entire quest line.


You will be able to choose one of these rewards:

Other Rewards:
  • 350 reputation with The Taunka
  • Currency reward of 11 80
  • 26200 experience


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