Chill Out, Mon

Gan'jo wants you to collect the Snow of Eternal Slumber from his chest in the Drakil'jin Ruins.

You are to use the Snow on the Ancient Drakkari Spirits there and take their Drakkari Spirit Particles back to Kraz at Harkor's Camp.


  1. Once you accept the quest, while you are still in the spirit realm, open Gan'jo's Chest next to him, to get the Snow of Eternal Slumber.
  2. Stand right on top of Gan'jo, and talk to him; select the option, I am ready to return to the realm of the living. This will take you out of the spirit realm.
  3. Find the neutral Ancient Drakkari Warmonger and Ancient Drakkari Soothsayer in the front of the crypt.
  4. Target one of Ancient Drakkari Spirits, and use the Snow of Eternal Slumber on them. They will freeze, and then run back to their mummy, which will burn up; follow the spirit.
  5. At that spot, a Drakkari Spirit Particles object will appear; open it to get the required item.
  6. Do this with 5 Ancient Drakkari Spirits, to get the needed particles.
  7. Once you have the particles, leave the crypt and go to Harkor's Camp. Talk to Kraz to complete this quest, and obtain the next one.


Other Rewards:
  • 26200 experience (or 1 56 at level 80)


Grizzly Hills