See You on the Other Side

Kraz at Harkor's Camp wants you to use the Drakil'jin Mallet on the gongs outside Drakil'jin Ruins. Once you have been slain, you are to enter the ruins and speak with the spirit of Gan'jo while you are dead.
  • Death by Warlord Jin'arrak
Provided Item:
 Charged Drakil'jin Mallet


  1. Go to the Drakil'jin Ruins to the gong at 71,24 in the outer area.
  2. Use the provided Drakil'jin Mallet while standing at the gong. You will "die" from it, and be put into the spirit realm. There is no durability loss from this, and you can still use all your abilities like normal.
  3. Go north into the crypt, to find the spirit Gan'jo at 69,19.
  4. Talk to Gan'jo to complete this quest, and obtain the next one.


Other Rewards:
  • Currency reward of 5 90
  • 20950 experience


Grizzly Hills