Stomping Grounds

Delve into the cavern at the north end of the Crystal Vice and kill 8 Ice Heart Jormungar Feeders for Ko'char the Unbreakable.


  1. From Ko'char the Unbreakable, go north and then bear northwest along the road, avoiding the elite giants. Go to the entrance of the Ice Heart Cavern at 57,12.
  2. Kill the Ice Heart Jormungar Feeders worms in the cave. Be sure to have the quest Messy Business as well, so you can use the Zort's Scraper to remove the poison they use.
  3. Once you have slain the worms, return to Ko'char the Unbreakable to complete the quest.


Other Rewards:
  • Currency reward of 5 60
  • 20750 experience