Foolish Endeavors

Help Getry defeat Varidus the Flenser at Warsong Farms.

Report to Garrosh Hellscream should you succeed.

  • Varidus the Flenser Defeated


  1. Talk to Shadowstalker Gentry at the top of the tower at 35,46 to start the quest. Note that if someone else is on the quest, you will have to wait until the end of their turn before you can start it. (Note: this quest can bug out in a number of different places; just try to stay near the NPCs and ideally it will work properly for you.)
  2. Follow Shadowstalker Gentry down to the field. After the cutscene, you will fight Varidus the Flenser.
  3. Make sure you stay near Shadowstalker Gentry as the cutscene starts. You and he should both get put into a Shadow Prison that keeps you from moving, while it plays out.
  4. High Warlord Saurfang will come out and start attacking Varidus the Flenser. Many adds will be summoned by Varidus, but the NPCs will destroy them. Just assist in killing Varidus.
  5. Once Varidus the Flenser is defeated, follow the NPCs back out of the field. You should get the quest objective finished.
  6. Go to Warsong Hold; talk to Garrosh Hellscream to finish this quest, and obtain the next one.


You will be able to choose one of these rewards:

Other Rewards:


Borean Tundra