Karuk's Oath

Karuk wants you to slay 6 Skadir Raiders and 5 Skadir Longboatsmen.


  1. Go south from Karuk into the Riplash Strand, to get into the mist. There are many Skadir Raiders and Skadir Longboatmen around to kill. Stay in the mist to kill them, as they will reset if you leave when they are on you.
  2. Once the Skadir have been killed, return to Karuk; talk to him to complete this quest, and obtain the next one.


You will be able to choose one of these rewards:

Other Rewards:
  • 700 reputation with The Kalu'ak
  • 25150 experience (or 1 50 at level 80)


Borean Tundra