Bury Those Cockroaches!

Quartermaster Holgoth at Warsong Hold wants you to use the Seaforium Depth Charge Bundle to destroy the Nerub'ar sinkholes to the south, east, west and north of Warsong Hold.
  • South Nerub'ar Sinkhole Destroyed
  • East Nerub'ar Sinkhole Destroyed
  • West Nerub'ar Sinkhole Destroyed
  • North Nerub'ar Sinkhole Destroyed
Provided Item:
 Seaforium Depth Charge Bundle


  1. Go around the base level of Mightstone Quarry to find the grey sinkholes, with boulders sitting on top. Use the provided Seaforium Depth Charge Bundle to blow them up, after a short timer. If you stay near the sinkhole when it blows, you will be thrown into the air, although it does no damage.
    • North sinkhole is at 41,50
    • East sinkhole is at 44,56
    • South sinkhole is at 41,58
    • West sinkhole is at 40,52
  2. After all four sinkholes are destroyed, return to Quartermaster Holgoth. Talk to him to complete the quest.


You will be able to choose one of these rewards:

Other Rewards:


Borean Tundra