Donathan wants you to use the Arcane Binder on a wounded Beryl Sorcerer at Beryl Point and return to Amber Ledge with him.
  • Captured Beryl Sorcerer


  1. Go to Beryl Point around 42,40 to find the Beryl Sorcerers.
  2. Attack a Beryl Sorcerer and get it below 30% health; it will give the message, Beryl Sorcerer can now be captured. Use the provided Arcane Binder to capture the sorcerer; this requires channeling for a few seconds. Be careful not to kill the sorcerer with DoTs or other methods, while the Arcane Binder is working.
  3. Once the sorcerer is captured, it will follow you. Return to Amber Ledge; talk to Donathan to complete this quest, and obtain the next one.


The following spell will be cast on you:

Other Rewards:
  • 325 reputation with Kirin Tor
  • Currency reward of 4 70
  • 20100 experience


Borean Tundra