Root Causes

Slay 5 Dragonflayer Handlers and Skeld Drakeson. If you manage to do so, return to an Ember Clutch Ancient in the Ember Clutch.


  1. Accept the quest from the Ember Clutch Ancient who moves around the north side of Ember Clutch.
  2. Kill any of the Dragonflayer Handlers around Ember Clutch.
  3. Enter the hut at 41,53 for Skeld Drakeson. He does strong melee damage and uses a Berserker Charge that knocks back, and an Enrage at low health.
  4. Once the required vrykul are killed, return to the Ember Clutch Ancient; talk to it to complete the quest.


You will be able to choose one of these rewards:

Other Rewards:
  • 25150 experience (or 1 50 at level 80)


Howling Fjord