Test at Sea

Speak to Bat Handler Camille and take a riding bat to intercept the Alliance reinforcements. Once above their fleet, use the Plague Vials to infect 16 North Fleet reservists.
  • North Fleet Reservist Infected (16)
  •   Plague Vials (Provided)


  1. In Vengeance Landing, talk to Bat Handler Camille at 79,29 to fly out to sea above the North Fleet.
  2. Put the Plague Vials item on your hotbar for easy access. Once the bat flies down near the ships, use the Plague Vials to "bomb" the men on board, infecting them.
  3. Be sure to infect 16 of them before the bat heads back; you will have plenty of time. If you don't make it in one run, just talk to Bat Handler Camille again, to fly back for another round.
  4. Back in Vengeance Landing, talk to Apothecary Lysander to complete this quest, and obtain the next one.


You will be able to choose one of these rewards:

Other Rewards:


Howling Fjord