Spiking the Mix

Bring 3 Giant Toxin Glands from Giant Tidecrawlers to Apothecary Lysander at Vengeance Landing in Howling Fjord.


  • From Vengeance Landing, go east to the shore around 80,27; north and south from there are plenty of the Giant Tidecrawlers.
  • Kill the Giant Tidecrawlers on shore and in the water, watching out for the aggressive sharks also in the water. The Tidecrawlers drop Giant Toxin Glands about 50% of the time while the quest is active.
  • Once you have the 3 required Giant Toxin Glands, return to Vengeance Landing; talk to Apothecary Lysander to complete this quest, and obtain the next one.


Other Rewards:
  • Currency reward of 2 40
  • 10050 experience


Howling Fjord