Design: Defender's Twilight Opal

Design: Defender's Twilight Opal
Binds when picked up
Item Level 80
2147483647 Charges (Does not disappear when used up)
Use: Teaches you how to cut a Defender's Twilight Opal

NameLevelLocationReactionArmory Drop %Drop RateDrop %
Stormforged Artificer78-79The Storm PeaksA HVery Low (3% - 14%)
Stormforged Champion79The Storm PeaksA HVery Low (3% - 14%)1
out of 78
Stormforged Ambusher78-79The Storm PeaksA H-1
out of 144
Stormforged Infiltrator78-79The Storm PeaksA H-2
out of 674