Musings of the High General

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Purify the body with labor. Purify the soul with prayer. Purify your enemies with fire. Pain is not an enemy, but an ally to be embraced, held close, and delivered to unbeliever and believer alike.

Resistance to the ways of the Light is a sign of impurity, and should be excised from the flesh of the community.

NameLevelLocationReactionDrop RateDrop %
Scarlet Commander55-56Plaguelands: The Scarlet EnclaveA H6
out of 60
Scarlet Crusader54-55Plaguelands: The Scarlet EnclaveA H8
out of 200
Scarlet Captain54-55Plaguelands: The Scarlet EnclaveA H1
out of 40
Scarlet Preacher53-54Plaguelands: The Scarlet EnclaveA H1
out of 60
Scarlet Infantryman53-54Plaguelands: The Scarlet EnclaveA H1
out of 86