Plans: Girdle of the Dawn

Plans: Girdle of the Dawn
Binds when picked up
Item Level 58
Requires Blacksmithing (290)
Requires Argent Dawn (Honored)
2147483647 Charges (Does not disappear when used up)
Use: Teaches you how to make a Girdle of the Dawn.

Requires: Thorium Bar (8), Truesilver Bar (6), Righteous Orb (1)

Quartermaster Miranda Breechlock
<The Argent Dawn>
Eastern PlaguelandsA H2 20
Argent Quartermaster Lightspark
<The Argent Dawn>
Western PlaguelandsA 2 20
Argent Quartermaster Hasana
<The Argent Dawn>
Tirisfal GladesH2 20