Plans: Enchanted Thorium Leggings

Plans: Enchanted Thorium Leggings
Binds when picked up
Item Level 63
Requires Blacksmithing (300)
2147483647 Charges (Does not disappear when used up)
Use: Teaches you how to make Enchanted Thorium Leggings.

Used to create:

Netherweave Boots
Binds when equipped
Feet      Cloth
219 Armor
+30 Stamina
+29 Intellect
Durability 55 / 55
Requires Level 62
Item Level 108

Netherweave Vestments (0/7)
  Netherweave Tunic
  Netherweave Robe
  Netherweave Pants
  Netherweave Gloves
  Netherweave Bracers
  Netherweave Boots
  Netherweave Belt

(2) Set:
(4) Set:

Requires: Arcanite Bar (10), Enchanted Thorium Bar (20), Essence of Water (6), Blue Sapphire (2), Huge Emerald (1)