Plans: Runic Breastplate

Plans: Runic Breastplate
Binds when picked up
Item Level 62
Requires Blacksmithing (300)
2147483647 Charges (Does not disappear when used up)
Use: Teaches you how to make a Runic Breastplate.

Used to create:

Ebon Shadowbag
Binds when equipped
20 Slot Bag
Item Level 75

Requires: Thorium Bar (40), Arcanite Bar (2), Star Ruby (1)

NameLevelLocationReactionArmory Drop %
Tidelord Rrurgaz62Dustwallow MarshExtremely Low (1% - 2%)
Strashaz Myrmidon60-61Dustwallow MarshA HExtremely Low (1% - 2%)