Frostwolf Clan

Frostwolf Quartermaster55HAlterac Valley
Shrye Ragefist
<Food & Drink>
55HAlterac Valley
<General Goods>
55HAlterac Valley
Zora Guthrek
<Trade Goods>
55HAlterac Valley
<Blacksmithing Supplies>
55HAlterac Valley
Yaelika Farclaw
<Reagents & Poison Supplies>
55HAlterac Valley
Grunnda Wolfheart
<Frostwolf Supply Officer>
58HAlterac Valley
Jekyll Flandring
<Frostwolf Supply Officer>
58HAlterac Mountains
Frostwolf Guardian58A HAlterac Valley
Wing Commander Mulverick60HAlterac Valley
Primalist Thurloga60HAlterac Valley
Seasoned Guardian59HAlterac Valley
Jotek60 - 61HAlterac Valley
<Frostwolf General>
61HAlterac Valley
Frostwolf Legionnaire57HAlterac Valley
Veteran Guardian60HAlterac Valley
Champion Guardian61HAlterac Valley
Frostwolf Shaman58HAlterac Valley
Frostwolf Wolf Rider Commander60HAlterac Valley
Smith Regzar60HAlterac Valley
Irondeep Explorer54 - 55HAlterac Valley
Wing Commander Guse59HAlterac Valley
Captain Galvangar
<Frostwolf Captain>
60HAlterac Valley
Frostwolf Bowman59 - 60A HAlterac Valley
Wing Commander Jeztor58HAlterac Valley
Irondeep Peon52 - 53HAlterac Valley
Masha Swiftcut58HAlterac Valley
Frostwolf Stable Master
<Stable Master>
60HAlterac Valley
Sergeant Yazra Bloodsnarl56 - 57HAlterac Valley
Frostwolf Bloodhound53 - 54A HAlterac Valley
Frostwolf Envoy55A HDalaran, Orgrimmar...
Frostwolf Battleguard61 - 71HAlterac Valley
Kartra Bloodsnarl
<Alterac Valley Battlemaster>
Warmaster Laggrond61A HAlterac Mountains
Frostwolf Ambassador Rokhstrom60HOrgrimmar
Grizzle Halfmane
<Alterac Valley Battlemaster>
Duros60HAlterac Valley
Drakan60HAlterac Valley
West Frostwolf Warmaster60HAlterac Valley
Iceblood Warmaster60HAlterac Valley
East Frostwolf Warmaster60HAlterac Valley
Tower Point Warmaster60HAlterac Valley
Voggah Deathgrip61HAlterac Mountains
Corporal Teeka Bloodsnarl56HAlterac Mountains

QuestQuest LevelRequired LevelArea⁄Type
More Booty!429496729551
Call of Air - Guse's Fleet4294967295
Empty Stables429496729551
The Graveyards of Alterac4294967295
Towers and Bunkers4294967295
Speak with our Quartermaster4294967295
Capture a Mine4294967295
The Battle for Alterac4294967295
Proving Grounds429496729551
Honored Amongst the Clan429496729551
Enemy Booty429496729551
In Defense of Frostwolf4294967295
A Gallon of Blood429496729551
Hero of the Frostwolf429496729551