Warsong Offensive

Kor'kron Reaver80A HDalaran, Icecrown
Blood Guard Tor'zin72A HDragonblight
Warsong Champion76A HDalaran, Wintergrasp
Blood Guard Roh'kill72A HDragonblight
Garrosh Hellscream
<Overlord of the Warsong Offensive>
HBorean Tundra, Orgrimmar
Sagai69HBorean Tundra
Warsong Captain75HBorean Tundra
Off-duty Battleguard75HBorean Tundra
Overlord Razgor71HBorean Tundra
Quartermaster Holgoth69HBorean Tundra
High Overlord Saurfang83HBorean Tundra
Warsong Worg70HBorean Tundra
Farmer Torp70A HBorean Tundra
<Jewelcrafting Trainer>
69HBorean Tundra
Fishy Ser'ji
<Fishing Trainer>
71HBorean Tundra
Sauranok the Mystic71HBorean Tundra
Warsong Battleguard75HBorean Tundra
Armorer Orkuruk
75HBorean Tundra
Shadowstalker Barthus71HBorean Tundra
Captain Harker69HHowling Fjord
Warsong Honor Guard80HBorean Tundra
Warsong Blacksmith70HBorean Tundra
Gara Skullcrush
<Horde Expedition Quartermaster>
72HBorean Tundra
Warsong Recruitment Officer73HBorean Tundra
Eorain Dawnstrike
<Enchanting Trainer>
69HBorean Tundra
Orn Tenderhoof
<Cooking Trainer>
69HBorean Tundra
Endorah70HBorean Tundra
Crog Steelspine
<Blacksmithing Trainer>
69HBorean Tundra
Durkot Wolfbrother
<Stable Master>
69HBorean Tundra
Warsong Marksman75HBorean Tundra
<Tailoring Trainer>
69HBorean Tundra
Adelene Sunlance
<Inscription Trainer>
69HBorean Tundra
Shadowstalker Canarius69A HBorean Tundra
Valnok Windrager
<Kor'kron Wing Commander>
Snarlfang's Totem70H
Shadowstalker Luther72HBorean Tundra
Taunka'le Pack Kodo70A HBorean Tundra
Argah69HBorean Tundra
Farseer Grimwalker's Spirit70A HBorean Tundra
Korag Keeneye
<General Goods>
70A HBorean Tundra
Quartermaster Gakzug72HDragonblight
Boktar Bloodfury80A HThe Storm Peaks
Koltira Deathweaver80HDragonblight
Conquest Hold Legionnaire74HGrizzly Hills
<Trade Goods>
69HBorean Tundra
Grunt Ragefist69A HBorean Tundra
Warsong Hold Grunt80A HThe Storm Peaks
Messenger Torvus71HDragonblight
Breka Wolfsister
<Stable Master>
70A HBorean Tundra
Warsong Caravan Guard70A HBorean Tundra
Moteha Windborn 79HThe Storm Peaks
Peon Gakra
<Innkeeper & Supplies>
79HThe Storm Peaks
Captain Gort
<Kor'kron Guard Captain>
<General Goods>
Spirit Talker Snarlfang69A HBorean Tundra
Banthok Icemist70HDragonblight
71HBorean Tundra
Marksman Udabu
79HThe Storm Peaks
Chief Engineer Leveny
<Engineering Trainer>
72HBorean Tundra
Sergeant Nazgrim73HGrizzly Hills
Shadowstalker Ickoris70A HBorean Tundra
68HBorean Tundra
Dead Caravan Guard
<Warsong Offensive>
70A HBorean Tundra
Ortrosh69HBorean Tundra
Dead Caravan Worker
<Warsong Offensive>
69A HBorean Tundra
Warsong Scout75A HBorean Tundra
Kabarg Windtamer
<Flight Master>
80HThe Storm Peaks
Bor'gorok Peon69A HBorean Tundra
Scout Tungok70A HBorean Tundra
Siegesmith Gulda
<Blacksmithing Supplies>
<Wind Rider Master>
75HBorean Tundra
Shadowstalker Getry69HBorean Tundra
Bor'gorok Battleguard75A HBorean Tundra
Greatmother Icemist75HDragonblight
Warden Nork Bloodfrenzy70HBorean Tundra
Bor'gorok Wolf70A HBorean Tundra
Primal Mighthorn73HBorean Tundra
Brunna Ironaxe
<Mining Trainer>
69HBorean Tundra
Goblin Siege Engineer71HBorean Tundra
Borus Ironbender
<Blacksmithing Trainer>
<Wind Rider Master>
75HGrizzly Hills
Bloodmage Laurith72HBorean Tundra
Agmar's Siegesmith72HDragonblight
Taunka Soldier73HDragonblight
Horde Conscript74HDragonblight
Narzun Skybreaker
<Wind Rider Master>
Earthwarden Grife72HDragonblight
Bloodguard Lorga80HThe Storm Peaks
Tracker Val'zij80HThe Storm Peaks
<Food & Drink>
Turida Coldwind
<Wind Rider Master>
69HBorean Tundra
Steeljaw's Corpse72A HBorean Tundra
Captain Drayzen74HDragonblight
Soar Hawkfury
<Stable Master>
<Herbalism & Poison Supplies>
Supply Master Taz'ishi
<Poison & Reagents>
70A HBorean Tundra
Scourge Prisoner67HBorean Tundra
Olut Alegut80HThe Storm Peaks
Scout Vor'takh75HGrizzly Hills
Overlord Agmar
<Kor'kron Commander>
Khaliisi80A HThe Storm Peaks
Kor'kron Windrager75HDragonblight
<Nogg's Machine Shop>
75HBorean Tundra
Conquest Hold Berserker74HGrizzly Hills
Senior Sergeant Juktok74HDragonblight
Tradesman Kontor
<Trade Supplies>
Overlord Bor'gorok71A HBorean Tundra
Warsong Battleguard75HBorean Tundra
Wind Master To'bor73HBorean Tundra
69HBorean Tundra
Warsong Hold Peon65HBorean Tundra
Nargo Screwbore
<Durotar Zeppelin Master>
65HBorean Tundra
<General Goods>
69HBorean Tundra
Brokkan Bear-Arms
<Trade Goods>
69HBorean Tundra
Elder Mootoo70HBorean Tundra
Foreman Mortuus69HBorean Tundra
Tansy Wildmane
<Herbalism Trainer>
69HBorean Tundra
Mootoo the Younger68HBorean Tundra
Arthur Henslowe
<Alchemy Trainer>
69HBorean Tundra
Gorge the Corpsegrinder
<Tank Commander>
74HBorean Tundra
Zend'li Venomtusk
<Poison Supplies>
69HBorean Tundra
Ug'thor Bloodfrenzy
<Son of Nork>
5HBorean Tundra
En'kilah Necrolord70HBorean Tundra
Yanni65HBorean Tundra
70HBorean Tundra
Injured Warsong Warrior73A HBorean Tundra
Injured Warsong Shaman73A HBorean Tundra
Warsong Peon67HBorean Tundra
Warsong Wind Rider75HBorean Tundra
Bookie Vel'jen74HGrizzly Hills
Envoy Ripfang72A HDragonblight
Alys Vol'tyr
<Reagents & Enchanting Supplies>
Gorgonna76HGrizzly Hills
Fleeing Horde Soldier78A HDragonblight
Numo Spiritbreeze
<Wind Rider Master>
Fleeing Horde Soldier78A HDragonblight
Sethyel73HGrizzly Hills
Raider Captain Kronn76HGrizzly Hills
Pit-Fighting Spectator74HGrizzly Hills
Barracks Master Rhekku
73HGrizzly Hills
Darkspear Dragon Hunter72HDragonblight
War Kodo74HDragonblight
Grennix Shivwiggle
<Pit Fighting Promoter>
74HGrizzly Hills
Barracks Master Harga
Matron Magah
70A HBorean Tundra
Seer Yagnar
<Poison & Reagents>
69HGrizzly Hills
Windseer Grayhorn74HGrizzly Hills
Captain Bonemaw76HGrizzly Hills
Provisioner Lorkran
<General Goods>
74HGrizzly Hills
Hidetrader Jun'ik
<Leather Goods>
74HGrizzly Hills
Anthis73HGrizzly Hills
Conqueror Krenna76HGrizzly Hills
Strand of the Ancients Envoy75A HDalaran, Orgrimmar
Sky-Reaver Korm Blackscar80HHalls of Reflection, Icecrown
Chief Engineer Copperclaw80HIcecrown
Great Reaver Mulga80HIcecrown
Conquest Hold Outrider74A HGrizzly Hills
Commander Dardosh80HDalaran, Wintergrasp
Smith Prigka
71HGrizzly Hills
General Khazgar74HGrizzly Hills
Orgrim's Hammer Shadow-Warder80HIcecrown
Lurz70HGrizzly Hills
Conquest Hold Champion76HGrizzly Hills
Orgrim's Hammer Gunner80A HHalls of Reflection, Icecrown
Orgrim's Hammer Engineer80HIcecrown
Stone Guard Mukar
<Wintergrasp Quartermaster>
80A HWintergrasp
Centurion Kaggrum74HGrizzly Hills
Gurtor70HGrizzly Hills
<The Witness>
80HThe Storm Peaks
Commander Bargok70HGrizzly Hills
General Gorlok74HGrizzly Hills
Conquest Hold Skirmisher74A HGrizzly Hills
Skirmisher Corpse74A HGrizzly Hills
Bloodmage Alkor69HBorean Tundra
Conqueror Krenna76HGrizzly Hills
<Venture Coin Vendor>
74HGrizzly Hills
Wounded Skirmisher74A HGrizzly Hills
Stone Guard Ragetotem73HGrizzly Hills
Sergeant Thurkin74HGrizzly Hills
Conquest Hold Defender76HGrizzly Hills
Grekk70HGrizzly Hills
Aumana73HGrizzly Hills
Koltira Deathweaver80HIcecrown
Orphan Matron Twinbreeze73HDragonblight
Taunka Orphan1HDragonblight
Warsong Battleguard75HDurotar, Orgrimmar
Lieutenant Murp80HWintergrasp
Hoodoo Master Fu'jin
<Master Hexxer>
Warsong Guard80HWintergrasp
Tactical Officer Kilrath80HWintergrasp
Primalist Mulfort80HWintergrasp
Dread Captain Winge
<Captain of the Casket Carrier>
Siegesmith Stronghoof80HWintergrasp
Vieron Blazefeather80HWintergrasp
Craga Ironsting
<Stable Master>
72HGrizzly Hills
Orgrim's Hammer Crew80HIcecrown
Warlord Hork Strongbrow80A HIcecrown
Dying Berserker80A HIcecrown
Sergeant Kregga80HIcecrown
Infected Kodo Beast68HBorean Tundra
Blast Thunderbomb
<Engineering Supplies>
Thunderbomb's Jumpbot80HIcecrown
<Stable Master>
74HGrizzly Hills
Isle of Conquest Envoy75A HDalaran, Orgrimmar...
Kor'kron War Rider75HDragonblight
<Koltira's Deathcharger>
Kor'kron ReaverHIsle of Conquest
Goblin Engineering CrewHIsle of Conquest
Isle of Conquest Envoy75A HDalaran, Silvermoon City...
Dread Captain "Moldy" Nadeux
<Captain of the Blightbringer>
<Blacksmithing Supplies>
74HGrizzly Hills
Kor'kron War Rider72HDragonblight
<Khaliisi's Pet>
79HThe Storm Peaks
Horde Siege Tank70HBorean Tundra
Wind Rider Sabamba
<Flying Trainer>
Tohfo Skyhoof
<Wind Rider Keeper>
70HBorean Tundra
Champion Ros'slai
<Wintergrasp Quartermaster>

QuestQuest LevelRequired LevelArea⁄Type
Hellscream's Vigil71
Hellscream's Vigil71
We Strike!7268
The Honored Dead7168
Put Them to Rest7168
The Defense of Warsong Hold7170
Taking Back Mightstone Quarry7169
Cutting Off the Source7168
Patience is a Virtue that We Don't Need7168
Bury Those Cockroaches!7168
Taken by the Scourge7168
Untold Truths7170
Nerub'ar Secrets7168
Message to Hellscream7168
Reinforcements Incoming...7170
Return to the Spirit Talker7169
Vision of Air7169
What the Cold Wind Brings...7168
Wind Master To'bor7170
Farseer Grimwalker's Spirit7169
Magic Carpet Ride7170
Return My Remains7169
Tank Ain't Gonna Fix Itself7170
Mobu's Pneumatic Tank Transjigamarig7168
Super Strong Metal Plates!7168
Tanks a lot...7170
The Plains of Nasam7168
Escaping the Mist7168
Merciful Freedom7168
The Warsong Farms7170
Damned Filthy Swine7170
Bring 'Em Back Alive7168
Get to Getry7170
Foolish Endeavors7168
Nork Bloodfrenzy's Charge7170
Coward Delivery... Under 30 Minutes or it's Free7168
Vermin Extermination7168
The Wondrous Bloodspore7168
Pollen from the Source7168
A Suitable Test Subject7168
The Invasion of Gammoth7170
Gammothra the Tormentor7168
Trophies of Gammoth7168
Massive Moth Omelet?7168
Hellscream's Champion7168
The Fall of Taunka'le Village7271
Across Transborea7271
A Tauren Among Taunka7271
Into the Fold7271
The Taunka and the Tauren7271
Pride of the Horde7271
Blood Oath of the Horde7271
Agmar's Hammer7271
Message from the West7271
Victory Nears...7271
From the Depths of Azjol-Nerub7271
Black Blood of Yogg-Saron7271
Scourge Armaments7271
The Might of the Horde7271
Marked for Death: High Cultist Zangus7271
The Flesh-Bound Tome7271
Attack by Air! 7271
Blightbeasts be Damned!7271
Pounding the Iron7573
A Letter for Home7271
Wanted: Magister Keldonus7471
Wanted: Dreadtalon7471
To Dragon's Fall7571
Sarathstra, Scourge of the North7571
Containing the Rot7271
The Good Doctor...7271
In Search of the Ruby Lilac7371
Return to Soar7371
Where the Wild Things Roam7371
Koltira and the Language of Death7271
In Service of Blood7371
In Service of the Unholy7371
In Service of Frost7371
The Power to Destroy7371
The Translated Tome7371
All Hail Roanauk!7371
Pest Control7372
Canyon Chase7372
Vordrassil's Fall7472
The Darkness Beneath7472
The Kor'kron Vanguard!7371
A Possible Link7472
The Bear God's Offspring7573
Ursoc, the Bear God7572
Destroy the Sapling7572
Vordrassil's Seeds7473
The Flamebinders' Secrets7473
A Show of Strength7473
The Thane of Voldrune7473
Shred the Alliance7473
Making Repairs7473
Keep 'Em on Their Heels7474
Attack on Silverbrook7473
Tactical Clemency7473
Mikhail's Journal7473
The Conquest Pit: Final Showdown7573
Supplemental Income7473
Eyes Above7473
To Bor'gorok Outpost, Quickly!7169
To Conquest Hold, But Be Careful!7473
Audience With The Dragon Queen7471
Return To Angrathar7472
Speak with your Ambassador7272
Ancient Relics7877
The Missing Bronzebeard8077
The Nose Knows80
Speak Orcish, Man!80
Speaking with the Wind's Voice8077
Emergency Measures7977
The Witness and the Hero80
Memories of Stormhoof80
Distortions in Time8077
Where Time Went Wrong8077
The Missing Tracker80
There's Always Time for Revenge8077
Changing the Wind's Course8077
Northern Cooking429496729565
Orgrim's Hammer79
Darkness Stirs7471
Herald of War7472
A Life Without Regret7472
The Battle For The Undercity7471
King of the Mountain80
Forging the Keystone80
Get to Ymirheim!80
Assault by Ground8077
Assault by Air80
Blinding the Eyes in the Sky8077
Blood of the Chosen80
Joining the Assault80
Cradle of the Frostbrood8077
Tirion's Gambit8077
Preparations for War8077
Xarantaur, the Witness80
Inside the Frozen Citadel80
The Path to the Citadel80
Echoes of Tortured Souls8078
Deliverance from the Pit80
Wrath of the Lich King80