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Servers go down?(5, 2)BashiokGeneral5 years agoYukii
Free Character Migrations - Update(7, 607)BashiokGeneral5 years agoBashiok
Anyone else having issues connecting?(3, 116)BashiokGeneral5 years agoVanisfrozen
Remove Baseline Resilience!(4, 321)BashiokGeneral5 years agoYadeiv
Tedious vs. Challenging(1, 104)BashiokGeneral5 years agoKraylenya
There's a serial killer boulder on the loose(1, 46)BashiokGeneral5 years agoWazulz
No reason for such long bg ques imo(1, 98)BashiokGeneral5 years agoTrawvis
Merged Realms to merged forums(1, 123)BashiokGeneral5 years agoEliter
More void storage... please?(2, 133)BashiokGeneral5 years agoOsmethne
Blizzard, about the recent stealth hotfx/nerf(1, 76)BashiokGeneral5 years agoGimolos
Learned something new about the forum today(1, 69)BashiokGeneral5 years agoBoffo
I just spent close to 5 minutes....(3, 494)BashiokGeneral5 years agoLureilyia
My avatar picture is gone(3, 136)BashiokGeneral5 years agoFlabb
WoD is creativly bankrupt.(11, 453)BashiokGeneral5 years agoFeanorion
Legendary cloak takes no effort....(spoilers)(1, 497)BashiokGeneral5 years agoArturioux
Guild advancement system is terrible.(1, 92)BashiokGeneral5 years agoKaraea
Crushridge?(1, 18)BashiokGeneral5 years agoDrwarrior
Mounts Blocking Holiday Questgivers(3, 322)BashiokGeneral5 years agoLostdknight
Why was transmorg feature added ?(1, 165)BashiokGeneral5 years agoArchimondde
Sick of ret paladins(1, 149)BashiokGeneral5 years agoMarmalades
Female Forsaken New Model(1, 214)BashiokGeneral5 years agoTabuu
Remove The Daze Effect From The Game.(1, 210)BashiokGeneral5 years agoBerronax
Warlords of Draenor: No More Daily Quests :((1, 154)BashiokGeneral5 years agoWirhl
Waiting in WOW...(1, 25)BashiokGeneral5 years agoRythmus
Black Friday Sale?(1, 51)BashiokGeneral5 years agoThronus
Conan at BlizzCon - Tonight at 11/10c(1, 51)BashiokGeneral5 years agoBashiok
Quality of "whose" life?(4, 496)BashiokGeneral5 years agoRaeghar
Healing with no addons(4, 307)BashiokGeneral5 years agotempangry
Why is old world leveling so fast?(1, 135)BashiokGeneral5 years agoDntdotmebro
Verbally abused/Threatened while doing achive(1, 121)BashiokGeneral5 years agoBest
Bashiok's response to flying in WoD launch.(4, 481)BashiokGeneral5 years agoDaiyu
An idea about flying.(4, 6)BashiokGeneral5 years agoAggler
Reforge Mount, in new Expansion...(1, 531)BashiokGeneral5 years agoKogacola
Heirlooms(1, 105)BashiokGeneral5 years agoAalea
Warlords of Draenor Login Screen(1, 170)BashiokGeneral5 years agoWorverine
Warlords of Draenor AMA (Ask me Anything)(3, 634)BashiokGeneral5 years agoPaululum
What's your favorite new model?(2, 178)BashiokGeneral5 years agoTakumi
Drysc > Bashiok(2, 23)BashiokGeneral5 years agoIol
The economy is a mess here(2, 48)BashiokGeneral5 years agoNymia
Can we get an explination on new race/class?(1, 319)BashiokGeneral5 years agoUltraroth
There will be no free recustomization ~ Part3(1, 77)BashiokGeneral5 years agoReinhilde
Warlords of Draenor forum?(1, 8)BashiokGeneral5 years agoCrowlight
WoW Source Needs Your Questions(1, 260)BashiokGeneral5 years agoBashiok
There will be no free recustomization ~ Part2(8, 496)BashiokGeneral5 years agoReinhilde
Orcs killing orcs(2, 333)BashiokGeneral5 years agoBäräckoshämä
Realms Unavailable - 10/28(4, 218)BashiokGeneral5 years agoBashiok
List of servers that are down, 10:00pm PST(1, 87)BashiokGeneral5 years agoHemanach
Dragonmaw is down?(1, 7)BashiokGeneral5 years agoNotthehair
BLIZZARD MAINTENANCE CREW WAKE UP!(1, 56)BashiokGeneral5 years agoKetärin
Sooo....nothing from blizz(1, 12)BashiokGeneral5 years agoDottee
Rivendare Mail Attachment Issue(1, 8)BashiokGeneral5 years agoBashiok
Next Connected Realms *Updated 10/24(4, 465)BashiokGeneral5 years agoNethaera