Sindragosa's Fall

Brother Keltan80HIcecrown
Chief Engineer Copperclaw80HIcecrown
Cultist Corrupter
<Cult of the Damned>
80A HIcecrown
Frostbrood Spawn80A HIcecrown
Frostbrood Whelp80A HIcecrown
Frostskull Magus80A HIcecrown
Great Reaver Mulga80HIcecrown
Koltira Deathweaver80HIcecrown
Kor'kron Reaver80A HDalaran, Icecrown
Matthias Lehner80A HIcecrown
Orgrim's Hammer Gunner80A HHalls of Reflection, Icecrown
Orgrim's Hammer Shadow-Warder80HIcecrown
Sky-Reaver Korm Blackscar80HHalls of Reflection, Icecrown
The Lich King83HIcecrown
Vrykul Necrolord80A HIcecrown
Warbringer Davos Rioht80HIcecrown
Wyrm Reanimator
<Cult of the Damned>
80A HIcecrown

QuestStarting NPCQuest LevelRequired LevelArea⁄Type
Against the GiantsKoltira Deathweaver8077
Argent AidKoltira Deathweaver80
Basic ChemistryKoltira Deathweaver8077
Before the Gate of HorrorKoltira Deathweaver8077
Blinding the Eyes in the SkySky-Reaver Korm Blackscar8077
Blood of the ChosenWarbringer Davos Rioht80
Bloodspattered BannersKoltira Deathweaver80
Cannot ReproduceKoltira Deathweaver8077
Chain of CommandKoltira Deathweaver8077
Coprous the DefiledKoltira Deathweaver80
Cradle of the FrostbroodKoltira Deathweaver8077
Drag and DropKoltira Deathweaver8077
Drag and DropKoltira Deathweaver8077
Field RepairsKoltira Deathweaver8077
Get to Ymirheim!Chief Engineer Copperclaw80
Good For Something?Sky-Reaver Korm Blackscar80
It's All Fun and GamesKoltira Deathweaver8077
Joining the AssaultWarbringer Davos Rioht80
Judgment Day Comes!Brother Keltan78
Keeping the Alliance BlindSky-Reaver Korm Blackscar8077
Make Them Pay!Sky-Reaver Korm Blackscar80
Need More InfoKoltira Deathweaver8077
Neutralizing the PlagueKoltira Deathweaver8077
No Rest For The WickedKoltira Deathweaver8077
Not a BugKoltira Deathweaver8077
Not a BugKoltira Deathweaver8077
OpportunityKoltira Deathweaver80
Poke and ProdKoltira Deathweaver8077
Raise the BarricadesKoltira Deathweaver8077
Retest NowChief Engineer Copperclaw8077
Shatter the ShardsKoltira Deathweaver8077
Slaves to SaroniteBrother Keltan8077
Sneak PreviewKoltira Deathweaver80
Takes One to Know OneSky-Reaver Korm Blackscar80
That's Abominable!Koltira Deathweaver8077
That's Abominable!Koltira Deathweaver8077
The Broken FrontSky-Reaver Korm Blackscar80
The Guardians of Corp'retharKoltira Deathweaver80
The Ironwall RampartKoltira Deathweaver8077
The Shadow VaultKoltira Deathweaver8077
Time for AnswersMatthias Lehner80
Time for AnswersMatthias Lehner80
VolatilityChief Engineer Copperclaw8077
Where Dragons FellMatthias Lehner8077