The Fleshwerks

Argent Paladin80A HIcecrown
Chained Abomination80A HIcecrown
Corpulent Horror80A HIcecrown
Crusader Olakin Sainrith80A HIcecrown
Ebon Blade Champion80A HIcecrown
Ebon Blade Veteran80A HIcecrown
Father Kamaros80A HIcecrown
Father Kamaros80HIcecrown
Festering Corpse80A HIcecrown
Intrepid Ghoul80A HIcecrown
Margrave Dhakar
<Knights of the Ebon Blade>
80A HIcecrown
Master Summoner Zarod80A HIcecrown
Morbidus80A HIcecrown
Putrid Colossus80A HIcecrown
Risen Soldier80A HIcecrown
Scourgebeak Fleshripper80A HIcecrown
Skeletal Constructor80A HIcecrown
Spiked Ghoul80A HIcecrown
Summoned Soldier80A HIcecrown
The Lich KingA HIcecrown
Vile Creeper79A HIcecrown

The Lich KingA HIcecrown

QuestStarting NPCQuest LevelRequired LevelArea⁄Type
Let's Get Out of Here!Father Kamaros80