The Court of Bones

Argent Peacekeeper80A HIcecrown
Boneguard Commander80A HIcecrown
Boneguard Footman80A HIcecrown
Boneguard Lieutenant80A HIcecrown
Boneguard Scout80A HIcecrown
Citadel Watcher79 - 80A HIcecrown
Cruel Overseer80A HIcecrown
Crusader Maran80A HIcecrown
Fallen Spiderlord80HIcecrown
Glacial Bonelord80A HIcecrown
High Thane Jorfus80HIcecrown
Illidan Stormrage82A HIcecrown
Illidan Stormrage82A HIcecrown
Illidan Stormrage82HIcecrown
Matthias Lehner80A HIcecrown
Necrotic Webspinner79 - 80HIcecrown
Reanimated Miner78 - 79A HIcecrown
Stabled Campaign Warhorse80A HIcecrown

QuestStarting NPCQuest LevelRequired LevelArea⁄Type
Knowledge is a Terrible BurdenMatthias Lehner80
The Hunter and the PrinceMatthias Lehner8077