Angelas Moonbreeze50A Feralas
Azj'Tordin60A HFeralas
Blaise Montgomery47HFeralas
<Alchemy Supplies>
Camp Mojache Brave65A HFeralas
Captain Idrilae
<Feathermoon Ferry>
70A Feralas
Cawind Trueaim
<Gunsmith & Bowyer>
Cliff Giant49 - 50HFeralas
Cursed Sycamore45HFeralas
Deep Strider47 - 49A HFeralas
Dulciea Frostmoon
<Cloth Armor Merchant>
51A Feralas
Edana Hatetalon50HFeralas
Elder Grimtotem60A HFeralas
Elder Rage Scar48 - 49A HFeralas
Enraged Feral Scar44 - 45HFeralas
Feathermoon Sentinel65A HFeralas
Feral Scar Yeti43 - 44A HFeralas
Feralas Flame Keeper65HFeralas
Feralas Flame Warden65A Feralas
Ferocious Rage Scar47 - 48A HFeralas
Frayfeather Hippogryph43 - 44HFeralas
Frayfeather Patriarch46 - 47HFeralas
Frayfeather Skystormer45 - 46HFeralas
Frayfeather Stagwing44 - 45HFeralas
Fyldren Moonfeather
<Hippogryph Master>
65A HFeralas
Galley Chief Alunwea
<Feathermoon Ferry>
65A HFeralas
Ginro Hearthkindle55A Feralas
Gordok Enforcer53 - 54A HDire Maul, Feralas
Gordok Hyena52 - 54HDire Maul, Feralas
Gordok Ogre-Mage52 - 53A HDire Maul, Feralas
Gordunni Battlemaster45 - 46HFeralas
Gordunni Brute42 - 43A HFeralas
Gordunni Mage-Lord45 - 46HFeralas
Gordunni Mauler43 - 44A HFeralas
Gordunni Ogre40 - 41HFeralas
Gordunni Ogre Mage41 - 42HFeralas
Gordunni Shaman44 - 45A HFeralas
Gordunni Warlock43 - 44A HFeralas
Gordunni Warlord46 - 47HFeralas
Gregan Brewspewer45A HFeralas
Grimtotem Naturalist41 - 42A HFeralas
Grimtotem Raider42 - 43A HFeralas
Grimtotem Shaman43 - 44A HFeralas
Grizzled Ironfur Bear44 - 45A HFeralas
Groddoc Ape42 - 43A HFeralas
Groddoc Thunderer49 - 50A HFeralas
Hadoken Swiftstrider57HFeralas
Hatecrest Warrior42 - 43A Feralas
Homing Robot OOX-22/FE42HFeralas
Hulking Feral Scar45 - 46HFeralas
Innkeeper Greul
Ironfur Bear41 - 42A HFeralas
Ironfur Patriarch48 - 49A HFeralas
<Angelas' Pet>
10A Feralas
Jademir Oracle61HFeralas
Jadenvis Seawatcher
51A Feralas
Jangdor Swiftstrider
<Leatherworking Supplies>
<Troyas' Pet>
10A Feralas
Kalin Windflight60A Feralas
Kristy Grant45A HFeralas
Krueg Skullsplitter37HFeralas
Kulleg Stonehorn
<Skinning Trainer>
Land Walker48 - 49HFeralas
Latronicus Moonspear57A Feralas
Longtooth Howler43 - 44A HFeralas
Longtooth Runner40 - 41A HFeralas
<Food & Drink>
Lurking Feral Scar46HFeralas
Mardrack Greenwell
<Food & Drink>
54A Feralas
Mariner Everwatch
<Feathermoon Ferry>
61 - 75A HFeralas
Mariner Softsong
<Feathermoon Ferry>
65 - 75A HFeralas
Mariner Stillwake
<Feathermoon Ferry>
61 - 75A HFeralas
Marli Wishrunner60A Feralas
Merchant Felagunne
<Feathermoon Ferry>
65A HFeralas
Miblon Snarltooth50A HFeralas
Northspring Harpy48 - 49A HFeralas
Northspring Roguefeather48 - 49A HFeralas
Northspring Slayer49 - 50A HFeralas
Northspring Windcaller49 - 50HFeralas
Orwin Gizzmick50HFeralas
Pratt McGrubben
<Leatherworking Supplies>
55A Feralas
Rabid Longtooth47 - 48A HFeralas
Rage Scar Yeti46 - 47A HFeralas
Raschal the Courier42A Feralas
Rockbiter45A HFeralas
Rogue Vale Screecher44 - 46A HFeralas
Rok Orhan40HFeralas
<Herbalism Trainer>
Sage Korolusk59HFeralas
Screecher Spirit50Feralas
Sea Elemental48 - 49A HFeralas
Sea Spray47 - 48A HFeralas
Shandris Feathermoon
<General of the Sentinel Army>
A Feralas
Shay Leafrunner50HFeralas
Sheendra Tallgrass
<Trade Supplies>
Shore Strider48 - 49A HFeralas
<Wind Rider Master>
Shyrka Wolfrunner
<Stable Master>
Sprite Darter43 - 45A HFeralas
Sprite Dragon47 - 50A HFeralas
Talo Thornhoof50HFeralas
<Hippogryph Master>
65A HFeralas
Troyas Moonbreeze50A Feralas
Vale Screecher41 - 43HFeralas
<Trade Supplies>
52A Feralas
Wandering Forest Walker44 - 46A HFeralas
Wave Strider47 - 48A HFeralas
Witch Doctor Uzer'i50HFeralas
Woodpaw Alpha43 - 44A HFeralas
Woodpaw Brute41 - 42HFeralas
Woodpaw Mongrel40 - 41A HFeralas
Woodpaw Mystic42 - 43A HFeralas
Woodpaw Reaver42 - 43A HFeralas
Woodpaw Trapper41 - 42A HFeralas
Worb Strongstitch
<Light Armor Merchant>
Xerash Fireblade50HFeralas
Zorbin Fandazzle40A HFeralas
Zukk'ash Stinger45 - 46A HFeralas
Zukk'ash Tunneler45 - 46A HFeralas
Zukk'ash Wasp44 - 45A HFeralas
Zukk'ash Worker44 - 45A HFeralas

Shandris Feathermoon
<General of the Sentinel Army>
A Feralas

QuestStarting NPCQuest LevelRequired LevelArea⁄Type
A Grim DiscoveryKrueg Skullsplitter4538
A Grim DiscoveryKrueg Skullsplitter4537
A Hero's Welcome4640
A New Cloak's SheenKrueg Skullsplitter4538
A Short Incubation4738
A Strange RequestWitch Doctor Uzer'i4540
Again With the Zapped GiantsZorbin Fandazzle5545
Against Lord Shalzaru4540
Against the Hatecrest4340
Alpha StrikeHadoken Swiftstrider43
An Orphan Looking For a Home4738
Becoming a Parent4837
Boat Wreckage4440
Corrupted Songflower5548
Dark CeremonyRok Orhan4638
Dark HeartTalo Thornhoof5045
Delivering the Relic4540
Doling Justice4738
Faerie Dragon MuisekWitch Doctor Uzer'i4540
Feralas: A History47
Find OOX-22/FE!4540
Food for Baby4738
Freed from the Hive46
Freedom for All Creatures4738
Fuel for the ZappingZorbin Fandazzle4845
Gordunni CobaltOrwin Gizzmick4338
Hippogryph MuisekWitch Doctor Uzer'i3840
Improved Quality4840
Improved QualityJangdor Swiftstrider4840
In Search of Knowledge47
Mountain Giant MuisekWitch Doctor Uzer'i5040
Natural MaterialsWitch Doctor Uzer'i3940
Perfect Yeti Hide4840
Pristine Yeti Hide4840
Refuel for the ZappingZorbin Fandazzle5545
Rescue OOX-22/FE!4540
Return to Troyas4842
Return to Witch Doctor Uzer'i4540
Rise of the Silithid4640
StinglasherHadoken Swiftstrider4739
Testing the VesselWitch Doctor Uzer'i3840
Thalanaar Delivery44
The Battle Plans4339
The Borrower4842
The Gordunni Orb4738
The Gordunni Scroll4338
The Knife Revealed4440
The Mark of Quality4640
The Mark of QualityJangdor Swiftstrider4640
The Morrow Stone5042
The Newest Member of the Family4738
The Ogres of FeralasRok Orhan43
The Ogres of FeralasRok Orhan44
The Stave of Equinex5042
The Strength of CorruptionTalo Thornhoof52
The Sunken TempleAngelas Moonbreeze51
The Super Snapper FX4842
The Videre Elixir5247
The Woodpaw Gnolls44
The Writhing Deep46
To the Top25
Treant MuisekWitch Doctor Uzer'i3840
Vengeance on the NorthspringTalo Thornhoof50
Wandering Shay4944
War on the WoodpawHadoken Swiftstrider4239
Weapons of SpiritWitch Doctor Uzer'i5040
Woodpaw InvestigationHadoken Swiftstrider43
Zapped GiantsZorbin Fandazzle4845
Zukk'ash InfestationHadoken Swiftstrider4539
Zukk'ash Report4839