Western Plaguelands

Alchemist Arbington58A Western Plaguelands
Alexia Ironknife51A Western Plaguelands
Anchorite Truuen58A Western Plaguelands
Araj the Summoner61A HWestern Plaguelands
Argent Defender
<The Argent Crusade>
65A HTirisfal Glades, Western Plaguelands
Argent Officer Pureheart
<The Argent Dawn>
60A Western Plaguelands
Argent Quartermaster Lightspark
<The Argent Dawn>
58A Western Plaguelands
Artist Renfray12A HWestern Plaguelands
Baker Masterson37HWestern Plaguelands
Bibilfaz Featherwhistle
<Gryphon Master>
65A Western Plaguelands
Blighted Zombie52 - 53A HWestern Plaguelands
Bloodshot54HWestern Plaguelands
Caer Darrow Citizen12 - 58A HWestern Plaguelands
Caer Darrow Guardsman51 - 55A HWestern Plaguelands
Caer Darrow Horseman52 - 56A HWestern Plaguelands
Carrion Lurker52 - 53HWestern Plaguelands
Carrion Vulture50 - 52A HWestern Plaguelands
Cauldron Lord Bilemaw53A HWestern Plaguelands
Cauldron Lord Malvinious55A HWestern Plaguelands
Cauldron Lord Razarch56A HWestern Plaguelands
Cauldron Lord Soulwrath58HWestern Plaguelands
Cavalier Durgen57A HWestern Plaguelands
Chromie63A HWestern Plaguelands
Commander Ashlam Valorfist61A Western Plaguelands
Crimson Elite60A Western Plaguelands
Decaying Horror56 - 57HWestern Plaguelands
Decrepit Guardian55 - 56A HWestern Plaguelands
Devouring Ooze55 - 56HWestern Plaguelands
Diseased Black Bear51 - 52A HWestern Plaguelands
Diseased Grizzly55 - 56A HWestern Plaguelands
Diseased Wolf53A HWestern Plaguelands
Elder Meadowrun60A HWestern Plaguelands
Eva Sarkhoff54A HWestern Plaguelands
Fallen Hero58 - 60HWestern Plaguelands
Farmer Dalson56A HWestern Plaguelands
Fetid Zombie54 - 56A HWestern Plaguelands
Flesh Golem56 - 57A HWestern Plaguelands
Flint Shadowmore
60A HWestern Plaguelands
Foreman Jerris62HWestern Plaguelands
Foreman Marcrid58HWestern Plaguelands
Foulmane52HWestern Plaguelands
Frax Bucketdrop
<Flight Master>
75A HWestern Plaguelands
Freezing Ghoul55 - 56A HWestern Plaguelands
Ghost of Uther Lightbringer
<Knights of the Silver Hand>
A Western Plaguelands
Haunting Vision57 - 58A HWestern Plaguelands
High Priest Thel'danis58A HWestern Plaguelands
High Priestess MacDonnell60A Western Plaguelands
High Protector Lorik61HWestern Plaguelands
Highlord Taelan Fordring
<Highlord of the Scarlet Crusade>
63A HWestern Plaguelands
Hungering Wraith56 - 58HWestern Plaguelands
Huntsman Radley56HWestern Plaguelands
Illusory Wraith61A HWestern Plaguelands
Infected Deer5A HBloodmyst Isle, Western Plaguelands
Infected Squirrel1A HSilverpine Forest, Western Plaguelands
Jabbering Ghoul54A HWestern Plaguelands
Janice Felstone5A HWestern Plaguelands
Jeziba58A HWestern Plaguelands
Joseph Dirte
<Waste Management>
31A HWestern Plaguelands
Joseph Redpath60A HEastern Plaguelands, Western Plaguelands
Kirsta Deepshadow53HWestern Plaguelands
Leonard Porter
<Leatherworking Supplies>
55A Western Plaguelands
Lord Tirion Fordring
<Order of the Silver Hand>
63A HWestern Plaguelands
Lucien Sarkhoff55A HWestern Plaguelands
Magistrate Marduke57HWestern Plaguelands
Magnus Frostwake50A HWestern Plaguelands
Marlene Redpath10A HWestern Plaguelands
Melia1A HWestern Plaguelands
Mulgris Deepriver55A HWestern Plaguelands
Myranda the Hag58A HWestern Plaguelands
Nathaniel Dumah
<Argent Crusade>
55A Western Plaguelands
Oozeling40A HThe Temple of Atal'Hakkar, Western Plaguelands
Plague Lurker54 - 55A HWestern Plaguelands
Rotting Behemoth55 - 56HWestern Plaguelands
Rotting Cadaver53 - 54A HWestern Plaguelands
Rotting Ghoul54 - 55A HWestern Plaguelands
Rotting Worm50A HWestern Plaguelands
Sammy1HWestern Plaguelands
Scarlet Avenger56 - 57A HWestern Plaguelands
Scarlet Cavalier57 - 58HWestern Plaguelands
Scarlet High Clerist63HWestern Plaguelands
Scarlet Hound52 - 53A HWestern Plaguelands
Scarlet Hunter52 - 53A HWestern Plaguelands
Scarlet Invoker53 - 54A HWestern Plaguelands
Scarlet Judge60HWestern Plaguelands
Scarlet Knight54 - 55HWestern Plaguelands
Scarlet Lumberjack54 - 56HWestern Plaguelands
Scarlet Mage55 - 56HWestern Plaguelands
Scarlet Magus56 - 57HWestern Plaguelands
Scarlet Medic52 - 54HWestern Plaguelands
Scarlet Paladin55 - 56HWestern Plaguelands
Scarlet Sentinel55 - 56HWestern Plaguelands
Scarlet Smith58 - 59HWestern Plaguelands
Scarlet Spellbinder57 - 58A HWestern Plaguelands
Scarlet Worker55 - 57HWestern Plaguelands
Searing Ghoul55 - 56A HWestern Plaguelands
Skeletal Acolyte55 - 56A HWestern Plaguelands
Skeletal Executioner54 - 55A HWestern Plaguelands
Skeletal Flayer50 - 51A HWestern Plaguelands
Skeletal Sorcerer51 - 52A HWestern Plaguelands
Skeletal Terror52 - 54A HWestern Plaguelands
Skeletal Warlord56 - 57A HWestern Plaguelands
Slavering Ghoul50 - 52A HWestern Plaguelands
Soulless Ghoul54 - 55A HWestern Plaguelands
Spectral Attendant60A HWestern Plaguelands
Temporal Parasite55 - 56A HWestern Plaguelands
Venom Mist Lurker50 - 51A HWestern Plaguelands
Vile Slime54 - 55HWestern Plaguelands
Wailing Death56 - 57HWestern Plaguelands
Wandering Skeleton55HWestern Plaguelands
Weldon Barov
<House of Barov>
60A HWestern Plaguelands
Western Plaguelands Flame Warden65A Western Plaguelands

Ghost of Uther Lightbringer
<Knights of the Silver Hand>
A Western Plaguelands
Lord Tirion Fordring
<Order of the Silver Hand>
63A HWestern Plaguelands

QuestStarting NPCQuest LevelRequired LevelArea⁄Type
A Call to Arms: The Plaguelands!Warcaller Gorlach50
A Call to Arms: The Plaguelands!50
A Call to Arms: The Plaguelands!Bluff Runner Windstrider50
A Matter of TimeChromie5653
A Plague Upon Thee5548
A Plague Upon Thee5548
A Plague Upon Thee5548
Alas, AndorhalHigh Executor Derrington6050
Alas, Andorhal6050
All Along the WatchtowersCommander Ashlam Valorfist5650
All Along the WatchtowersHigh Executor Derrington5650
Araj's Scarab6055
Araj's ScarabApothecary Dithers6055
Argent Dawn CommissionArgent Officer Garush5550
Argent Dawn Commission5550
Better Late Than NeverJanice Felstone52
Better Late Than Never5250
Better Late Than Never5250
Breastplate of the Chromatic Flight6057
Catalogue of the Wayward60
Chromatic Mantle of the DawnNovice Thaivand6055
Chromatic Mantle of the Dawn6055
Clear the WayCommander Ashlam Valorfist52
Corruptor's Scourgestones5550
Corruptor's Scourgestones5550
Counting Out TimeChromie5653
Counting Out TimeChromie5653
Defiling Uther's TombMehlar Dawnblade5855
Find Myranda6052
Glyphed Oaken Branch5651
Glyphed Oaken Branch5651
Good Luck CharmOl' Emma5250
In Dreams6052
Invader's Scourgestones5550
Invader's Scourgestones5550
Legplates of the Chromatic Defier6057
Locked Away5552
Mantles of the Dawn6055
Mantles of the Dawn6055
Minion's ScourgestonesArgent Officer Garush5550
Minion's Scourgestones5550
Mission Accomplished!High Executor Derrington5850
Mission Accomplished!5850
Mold Rhymes With...Apothecary Dithers5755
Mold Rhymes With...5755
Mrs. Dalson's Diary55
Return to Chillwind Camp53
Return to Chillwind Camp55
Return to Chillwind Camp55
Return to the Bulwark53
Return to the Bulwark55
Return to the Bulwark55
Return to the Bulwark58
Scarlet DiversionsHigh Executor Derrington5350
Scarlet Subterfuge6052
ScholomanceHigh Executor Derrington55
ScholomanceCommander Ashlam Valorfist55
Skeletal FragmentsApothecary Dithers5755
Skeletal Fragments5755
Soulbound Keepsake6057
Target: Dalson's TearsHigh Priestess MacDonnell5550
Target: Dalson's TearsShadow Priestess Vandis5550
Target: Felstone FieldHigh Priestess MacDonnell5350
Target: Felstone FieldShadow Priestess Vandis5350
Target: Gahrron's Withering5850
Target: Gahrron's WitheringShadow Priestess Vandis5850
Target: Writhing Haunt5550
Target: Writhing HauntShadow Priestess Vandis5550
The Annals of DarrowshireChromie5650
The Dying, Ras Frostwhisper6057
The Human, Ras Frostwhisper6057
The Key to Scholomance6055
The Key to ScholomanceApothecary Dithers6055
The Last BarovAlexi Barov6052
The Last BarovWeldon Barov6052
The Mark of the Lightbringer5855
The Scourge CauldronsCommander Ashlam Valorfist53
The Scourge CauldronsHigh Executor Derrington53
The So-Called Mark of the LightbringerMehlar Dawnblade5855
The Wildlife Suffers TooMulgris Deepriver54
The Wildlife Suffers TooMulgris Deepriver56
Tomb of the Lightbringer58
Two Halves Become OneJanice Felstone5450
Unfinished BusinessKirsta Deepshadow56
Unfinished BusinessKirsta Deepshadow57
Unfinished BusinessKirsta Deepshadow58
Wrath of the Blue FlightHaleh60