Dire Maul

Alzzin the Wildshaper58HDire Maul
Alzzin's Minion56HDire Maul
Ancient Equine Spirit60HDire Maul
Arcane Aberration59 - 60HDire Maul
Arcane Feedback59 - 60HDire Maul
Arcane Torrent59 - 60HDire Maul
Cadaverous Worm60HDire Maul
Captain Kromcrush61HDire Maul
Carrion Swarmer58HDire Maul
Cho'Rush the Observer60HDire Maul
Death Lash58HDire Maul
Doomguard59 - 80A HBlack Temple, Dire Maul...
Elder Mistwalker60A HDire Maul
Eldreth Apparition57 - 58HDire Maul
Eldreth Darter58HDire Maul
Eldreth Phantasm58 - 59HDire Maul
Eldreth Seether58 - 59HDire Maul
Eldreth Sorcerer58 - 59HDire Maul
Eldreth Spectre58 - 59HDire Maul
Eldreth Spirit57 - 58HDire Maul
Eye of Immol'thar61HDire Maul
Falrin Treeshaper60HDire Maul
Fel Lash56HDire Maul
Ferra60HDire Maul
Gordok Brute57 - 58HDire Maul
Gordok Captain59 - 60HDire Maul
Gordok Enforcer53 - 54A HDire Maul, Feralas
Gordok Hyena52 - 54HDire Maul, Feralas
Gordok Mage-Lord57 - 58HDire Maul
Gordok Mastiff57 - 59HDire Maul
Gordok Mauler53 - 54A HDire Maul
Gordok Ogre-Mage52 - 53A HDire Maul, Feralas
Gordok Reaver58 - 59HDire Maul
Gordok SpiritHDire Maul
Gordok Warlock59 - 60HDire Maul
Guard Fengus59HDire Maul
Guard Mol'dar59HDire Maul
Guard Slip'kik59HDire Maul
Highborne Summoner55HDire Maul
Hydroling57HDire Maul
Hydrospawn57HDire Maul
Illyanna Ravenoak60HDire Maul
Immol'thar61HDire Maul
Ironbark Protector57 - 59HDire Maul
King Gordok62HDire Maul
Knot Thimblejack50HDire Maul
Lethtendris57HDire Maul
Lorekeeper Kildrath58HDire Maul
Lorekeeper Lydros60HDire Maul
Lorekeeper Mykos60HDire Maul
Magister Kalendris60HDire Maul
Mana Burst59 - 60HDire Maul
Mana Remnant57 - 59HDire Maul
Mizzle the Crafty60HDire Maul
Old Ironbark58HDire Maul
Petrified Guardian57 - 59HDire Maul
Petrified Treant57 - 59HDire Maul
Phase Lasher54 - 55HDire Maul
Pimgib56HDire Maul
Prince Tortheldrin61HDire Maul
Pusillin57HDire Maul
Residual Monstrosity59 - 60HDire Maul
Rotting Highborne58 - 59HDire Maul
Shen'dralar Ancient60HDire Maul
Shen'dralar Provisioner52HDire Maul
Shen'dralar SpiritHDire Maul
Shen'dralar Wisp1HDire Maul
Shen'dralar Zealot59HDire Maul
Skeletal Highborne57 - 58HDire Maul
Stomper Kreeg
<The Drunk>
59HDire Maul
Tendris Warpwood60HDire Maul
Thornling60HDire Maul
Tonk Mine60HDire Maul, Icecrown Citadel...
Tracking Hound30HDire Maul, Tanaris
Wandering Eye of Kilrogg60HDire Maul
Warpwood Crusher56HDire Maul
Warpwood Guardian57 - 58HDire Maul
Warpwood Stomper57 - 58HDire Maul
Warpwood Tangler55 - 56HDire Maul
Warpwood Treant54 - 55HDire Maul
Whip Lasher54HDire Maul
Wildspawn Betrayer55 - 56HDire Maul
Wildspawn Felsworn55 - 56HDire Maul
Wildspawn Hellcaller56 - 57HDire Maul
Wildspawn Imp56HDire Maul
Wildspawn Rogue56 - 57HDire Maul
Wildspawn Satyr55 - 56HDire Maul
Wildspawn Shadowstalker56HDire Maul
Wildspawn Trickster56 - 57HDire Maul
Zevrim Thornhoof57HDire Maul

QuestStarting NPCQuest LevelRequired LevelArea⁄Type
Enchanted Thorium Platemail: Volume I35
Mistwalker the ElderElder Mistwalker42949672951