Shadowfang Keep

Apothecary Baxter
<Crown Chemical Co.>
82HShadowfang Keep
Apothecary Frye
<Crown Chemical Co.>
82HShadowfang Keep
Apothecary Hummel
<Crown Chemical Co.>
82HShadowfang Keep
Archmage Arugal21HShadowfang Keep
Arugal's Voidwalker20HShadowfang Keep
Baron Silverlaine20HShadowfang Keep
Bleak Worg18 - 19HShadowfang Keep
Blood Seeker20HShadowfang Keep
Commander Springvale20HShadowfang Keep
Crazed Apothecary80Shadowfang Keep
Crown Apothecary20 - 23HShadowfang Keep
Deathstalker Adamant18HShadowfang Keep
Deathstalker Vincent21HShadowfang Keep
Deathsworn Captain21HShadowfang Keep
Elwynn Forest Wolf8A HAhn'kahet: The Old Kingdom, Icecrown Citadel...
Fel Steed19HShadowfang Keep
Fenrus the Devourer21HShadowfang Keep
Haunted Servitor18 - 19HShadowfang Keep
Haunting Spirit20HShadowfang Keep, Undercity
Investigator Fezzen Brasstacks30HShadowfang Keep
Landen Stilwell20HShadowfang Keep
Lupine Delusion20HShadowfang Keep
Lupine Horror20HShadowfang Keep
Odo the Blindwatcher21HShadowfang Keep
Razorclaw the Butcher20HShadowfang Keep
<The Cell Keeper>
20HShadowfang Keep
Shadow Charger18 - 19HShadowfang Keep
Shadowfang Darksoul19HShadowfang Keep
Shadowfang Glutton19HShadowfang Keep
Shadowfang Moonwalker19HShadowfang Keep
Shadowfang Ragetooth20HShadowfang Keep
Shadowfang Whitescalp18 - 19HShadowfang Keep
Shadowfang Wolfguard20HShadowfang Keep
Slavering Worg18 - 21HShadowfang Keep
Son of Arugal20A HShadowfang Keep, Silverpine Forest
Sorcerer Ashcrombe18HShadowfang Keep
Tormented Officer20HShadowfang Keep
Vile Bat20HShadowfang Keep
Wailing Guardsman19HShadowfang Keep
Wolf Master Nandos21HShadowfang Keep
Wolfguard Worg20HShadowfang Keep

QuestStarting NPCQuest LevelRequired LevelArea⁄Type
Arugal Must Die2718
Deathstalkers in Shadowfang2518
The Book of UrKeeper Bel'dugur2616
QuestStarting NPCQuest LevelRequired LevelArea⁄Type
Man on the InsideDetective Snap Snagglebolt4294967295
You've Been Served8075