The Deadmines

Captain Greenskin20HThe Deadmines
<The Ship's Cook>
20HThe Deadmines
Defias Blackguard19HThe Deadmines
Defias Companion15HThe Deadmines
Defias Conjurer15 - 16HThe Deadmines
Defias Digger15 - 16A HThe Deadmines
Defias Evoker17 - 18HThe Deadmines
Defias Henchman15 - 16HThe Deadmines
Defias Magician16 - 17HThe Deadmines
Defias Miner17 - 18HThe Deadmines
Defias Overseer17 - 18HThe Deadmines
Defias Pirate19 - 20HThe Deadmines
Defias Squallshaper19HThe Deadmines
Defias Strip Miner18 - 19HThe Deadmines
Defias Taskmaster18 - 19HThe Deadmines
Defias Watchman16 - 17HThe Deadmines
Defias Wizard18 - 19HThe Deadmines
Defias Worker16 - 17A HThe Deadmines
Edwin VanCleef
<Defias Kingpin>
20HThe Deadmines
Foreman Thistlenettle18HThe Deadmines
<The Smelter>
20HThe Deadmines
Goblin Craftsman18 - 19HThe Deadmines
Goblin Engineer18 - 19HThe Deadmines
Goblin Shipbuilder19HThe Deadmines
Goblin Woodcarver18 - 19HThe Deadmines
Marisa du'Paige18HThe Deadmines
Miner Johnson19HThe Deadmines
Mr. Smite
<The Ship's First Mate>
20HThe Deadmines
Remote-Controlled Golem18 - 19HThe Deadmines
<The Foreman>
19HThe Deadmines
Skeletal Miner17 - 18HThe Deadmines
20HThe Deadmines
Sneed's Shredder
20HThe Deadmines
Undead Dynamiter17 - 18HThe Deadmines
Undead Excavator17 - 18HThe Deadmines

QuestStarting NPCQuest LevelRequired LevelArea⁄Type
Collecting Memories1814
Oh Brother. . .2015
Red Silk Bandanas1714
The Defias Brotherhood2214
Underground Assault2015