Alanndarian Nightsong19 - 21A HDarkshore
<Food & Drink Vendor>
15A HDarkshore
Anaya Dawnrunner16A Darkshore
Archaeologist Hollee
<Explorers' League>
12A HDarkshore
Asterion15A Darkshore
Auberdine Sentinel40A HDarkshore
Balthule Shadowstrike15A Darkshore
Barithras Moonshade14A HDarkshore
Blackwood Pathfinder12 - 13A Darkshore
Blackwood Shaman20A Darkshore
Blackwood Totemic17 - 18A HDarkshore
Blackwood Ursa18 - 19A Darkshore
Blackwood Warrior16 - 17A HDarkshore
Blackwood Windtalker13 - 14A HDarkshore
Captain Angelina Soluna
<The Bravery>
40A HDarkshore, Stormwind City
Captain Galind Windsword
<Elune's Blessing>
70A HDarkshore
Captain Taldar Windsinger
<The Moonspray>
70A HDarkshore, Teldrassil
Carnivous the Breaker16A HDarkshore
Caylais Moonfeather
<Hippogryph Master>
65A HDarkshore
Cerellean Whiteclaw15A HDarkshore
Coastal Frenzy14 - 16A HDarkshore
Cracked Golem18 - 19A HDarkshore
Cursed Highborne10 - 11A HDarkshore
<General Goods>
17A HDarkshore
Dark Strand Fanatic16 - 17A HDarkshore
Darkshore Flame Warden40A HDarkshore
Darkshore Thresher12 - 14A HDarkshore
Delfrum Flintbeard
<Blacksmithing Trainer>
25A HDarkshore
Delmanis the Hated17A HDarkshore
Den Mother18 - 19A Darkshore
Deth'ryll Satyr12 - 13A HDarkshore
Elder Darkshore Thresher16 - 18A HDarkshore
Elder Starweave60A HDarkshore
Elisa Steelhand
<Blacksmithing Supplies>
30A HDarkshore
Encrusted Tide Crawler18 - 20A Darkshore
Fiora Longears26A HDarkshore
First Mate Wavesinger
<The Bravery>
38A HDarkshore
Flagglemurk the Cruel16A Darkshore
Foreststrider14 - 16A HDarkshore
Foreststrider Fledgling11 - 13A HDarkshore
Galley Chief Gathers
<The Bravery>
Galley Chief Halumvorea
<Elune's Blessing>
65A HDarkshore
Galley Chief Mariss
<The Moonspray>
65A HDarkshore, Teldrassil
Gelkak Gyromast18A Darkshore
Gershala Nightwhisper20A HDarkshore
Giant Foreststrider17 - 19A HDarkshore
Gorbold Steelhand
<Trade Supplies>
30A HDarkshore
Gravelflint Scout18 - 19A Darkshore
Greymist Coastrunner12 - 13A HDarkshore
Greymist Hunter16 - 17A HDarkshore
Greymist Netter14 - 15A HDarkshore
Greymist Oracle18 - 19A Darkshore
Greymist Raider11 - 12A HDarkshore
Greymist Seer13 - 14A HDarkshore
Greymist Tidehunter19 - 20A HDarkshore
Greymist Warrior15 - 16A HDarkshore
Grimclaw13A HDarkshore
Grizzled Thistle Bear16 - 17A HDarkshore
Grondal Moonbreeze
<Tailoring Trainer>
29A HDarkshore
Gubber Blump15A HDarkshore
Gwennyth Bly'Leggonde21A HDarkshore
Harlon Thornguard
<Armorer & Shieldsmith>
25A Darkshore
Heldan Galesong
25A HDarkshore
Innkeeper Shaussiy
30A HDarkshore, The Exodar
<Stable Master>
30A HDarkshore
Jenna Lemkenilli
<Engineering Trainer>
26A Darkshore
Kerlonian Evershade
<Druid of the Claw>
20A Ashenvale, Darkshore
Kurdram Stonehammer
<Mining Trainer>
35A HDarkshore
13A HDarkshore
Lady Moongazer17A Darkshore
Lady Vespira22A Darkshore
<Fish Vendor>
14A HDarkshore
Mariner Bladewhisper
<The Moonspray>
65 - 75A HDarkshore, Teldrassil
Mariner Evenmist
<The Moonspray>
65 - 75A HDarkshore
Mariner Farseeker
<Elune's Blessing>
65 - 75A HDarkshore
Mariner Farsight
<The Moonspray>
65 - 75A HDarkshore, Teldrassil
Mariner Frostnight
<Elune's Blessing>
65 - 75A HDarkshore
Mariner Keenstar
<Elune's Blessing>
65 - 75A HDarkshore
Mariner Stillglider
<Elune's Blessing>
65 - 75A HDarkshore
Mariner Swiftstar
<The Moonspray>
65 - 75A HDarkshore, Teldrassil
<Leather Armor & Leatherworking Supplies>
18A Darkshore
Merchant Fallel Stargazer
<The Moonspray>
65A HDarkshore, Teldrassil
Merchant Frostwalker
<Elune's Blessing>
65A HDarkshore
Moonkin12 - 13A HDarkshore
Moonstalker14 - 15A HDarkshore
Moonstalker Matriarch19 - 20A Darkshore
Moonstalker Runt10 - 11A HDarkshore
Moonstalker Sire17 - 18A HDarkshore
Murkdeep19A Darkshore
Naram Longclaw
20A HDarkshore
Navigator Landerson
<The Bravery>
28A HDarkshore, Stormwind City
<Ancient of Lore>
55A HDarkshore
Prospector Remtravel
<Explorers' League>
16A Darkshore
Pygmy Tide Crawler9 - 10A HDarkshore
Rabid Thistle Bear14A HDarkshore
Raging Moonkin14A HDarkshore
Raging Reef Crawler20 - 21A HDarkshore
Reef Crawler15 - 17A HDarkshore
Sailor Fairfolk
<The Bravery>
26A HDarkshore, Stormwind City
Sailor Stoneheel
<The Bravery>
Sailor Wills
<The Bravery>
26A HDarkshore, Stormwind City
Sentinel Brightgrass55A HDarkshore, Stormwind City
Sentinel Elissa Starbreeze20A Darkshore
Sentinel Glynda Nal'Shea45A HDarkshore
Sentinel Tysha Moonblade10A HDarkshore
Sentinel Winterdew55HDarkshore, Stormwind City
15A HDarkshore
Sickly Deer5A HDarkshore
Stone Behemoth19 - 20A HDarkshore
Stormscale Myrmidon18 - 19A HDarkshore
Stormscale Siren16 - 17A Darkshore
Stormscale Sorceress19 - 20A Darkshore
Stormscale Warrior20 - 21A HDarkshore
Stormscale Wave Rider15 - 16A Darkshore
Strider Clutchmother20HDarkshore
<Drink Vendor>
16A HDarkshore
Terenthis15A Darkshore
Thamarian15A HDarkshore
Tharnariun Treetender18A HDarkshore
The Threshwackonator 4100
<The First Mate>
20A Darkshore
Thelgrum Stonehammer
<Mining Supplies>
30A HDarkshore
Therylune17A HDarkshore
Thistle Bear11 - 12A HDarkshore
Thistle Cub10A Darkshore
Thundris Windweaver15A HDarkshore
Tide Crawler12 - 14A HDarkshore
<Food & Drink Vendor>
15A HDarkshore
Twilight Disciple16 - 17A HDarkshore
Twilight Thug17 - 18A HDarkshore
<Tailoring Supplies>
14A HDarkshore
Vile Sprite10 - 11A HDarkshore
Volcor19A Darkshore
Wailing Highborne12 - 13A HDarkshore
Wild Grell11 - 12A HDarkshore
Wizbang Cranktoggle15A HDarkshore
Writhing Highborne11 - 12A HDarkshore
Yalda50 - 55A HDarkshore
Young Reef Crawler10 - 11A HDarkshore

QuestStarting NPCQuest LevelRequired LevelArea⁄Type
A Lost Master2010
A Lost Master2010
As Water Cascades1412
Bashal'AranThundris Windweaver12
Beached Sea Creature13
Beached Sea Creature14
Beached Sea Creature19
Beached Sea Turtle13
Beached Sea Turtle15
Beached Sea Turtle19
Beached Sea Turtle19
Buzzbox 32314
Buzzbox 41112
Buzzbox 52516
Buzzbox 827107
Cave MushroomsBarithras Moonshade1712
Cleansing of the InfectedTharnariun Treetender16
Deep Ocean, Vast SeaGorbold Steelhand1713
Escape Through Force2210
Escape Through Stealth2010
For Love EternalCerellean Whiteclaw1611
Fruit of the SeaGubber Blump1715
Gyromast's Retrieval2014
Gyromast's Revenge2014
How Big a Threat?Terenthis14
How Big a Threat?Terenthis14
Journey to AstranaarFiora Longears20
Mathystra Relics2012
OnuBarithras Moonshade17
Onu is meditating11
Onu is meditating11
Plagued Lands1410
Return to Onu17
Tharnariun's Hope1810
The Absent Minded ProspectorCaretaker Folsom20
The Absent Minded ProspectorProspector Remtravel20
The Absent Minded ProspectorArchaeologist Hollee2015
The Absent Minded ProspectorChief Archaeologist Greywhisker20
The Absent Minded ProspectorArchaeologist Flagongut2415
The Blackwood Corrupted1815
The Cliffspring River1511
The Fall of Ameth'AranSentinel Tysha Moonblade12
The Family and the Fishing Pole1410
The Fragments Within1412
The Master's GlaiveOnu1712
The Powers Below2010
The Red CrystalSentinel Glynda Nal'Shea14
The Sleeper Has AwakenedKerlonian Evershade2017
The Tower of AlthalaxxSentinel Elissa Starbreeze18
The Tower of AlthalaxxBalthule Shadowstrike1813
The Tower of AlthalaxxBalthule Shadowstrike1813
The Tower of AlthalaxxDelgren the Purifier2113
The Tower of Althalaxx3113
The Tower of Althalaxx3113
The Tower of Althalaxx2413
The Twilight Camp17
Therylune's EscapeTherylune18
Thundris WindweaverTerenthis15
Tools of the Highborne129
WANTED: Murkdeep!18
Washed Ashore1311
Washed Ashore1411